Dear Friends,

More than ever, The Victor D’Amico Institute of Art/ The Art Barge has become a place for personal renewal. A summer base where you can share exciting new artistic, environmental and social activities with people of all ages.

What started out as some rather minor Autumn repairs…ended up becoming a major re-construction endeavor. Thanks to all of you and your financial contributions, The Barge building not only has a new structural upper deck; it also has expanded studio decking and new waterside doors. The harsh winter stopped us from finishing all the details, but we’ll be in ship shape when it comes time to open the doors.

For the program, expect some changes also. The CHILDREN’S STUDIO program will set sail in JULY and AUGUST with a full day of studio art experiences. Our upper deck workshops; WATERCOLOR, PASTEL and COLLAGE will move down into the main studio. Some new instructors have been hired and some “seasoned” ones will be teaching others courses. The light in the AFTERNOON STUDIO is better than the morning. The 3-D WORKSHOP is getting a make-over and PHOTOGRAPHY will see eye-2-eye with nature. The ARTIST/SPEAK series begins in June with Laurie Anderson….So get ready for expanding your interests and scheduling your time differently.

Prepare for a change in the way you see your summer, and perhaps yourself.

Aye, Aye,

Christopher Kohan, President