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Dear Friends,
The Art Barge holds its own out on the shores of Napeague Harbor. For 52 years, it has continued to provide A PLACE TO CREATE for countless numbers of people.
From its beginnings, when art went abstract to these present abstract days. The Barge has weathered a great deal of varied natural and cultural times. It has been there to help young and old alike to discover, through the creative process, a lesson in individuality.
It is time to HELP The Art Barge. As a not-for-profit organization, The Barge runs a tight ship, relying on private foundations and individuals to keep it afloat. It has been fortunate to have continued familiar support, year after year. All contributions in any amount are appreciated.

Thank you to everyone and ALL who made the end-of-the-year appeal a success. Your contributions, along with the mild autumn, allowed for the much needed reconstruction to be completed by December. This is not only a testament to Victor D’Amico’sbelief that the arts are a humanizing force that can enrich one’s life”…it is also a testament of a belief in The Barge, from all the individuals who donated  to help keep the Barge  afloat. Or in this case…decked! 


P2120259-Fix Architecturally, the Barge is really two buildings. The main WW1 Navy Barge super structure is one. This houses the main Painting Studio, the Gallery/office, the east deck 3-D studio and the west Galley and amenities. The Upper Deck Studio is totally another building cantilevered over the original Barge structure.  in 1963, designed by Victor as an outside 2nd floor painting deck. The reality of standing outside on a platform 120 ft long by 45 feet wide, in the wind off Napeague Harbor, proved to be …not the best idea! Only through the financial generosity of one of victor’s painting students, Joseph Revson, did the decking get built upon into the Library and studio space that we work in today. The problem 50 years later lie in the fact that the 45foot long joists that ran south to north and under the rooms, acted as capillary for water to work its way under the structure.
Major support beams, along with joists and decking, had rotted through. The solution was to “cut” the outside deck from the building and build new. With reliable recommendations and gifted workers …no job was too large or difficult.  A challenge, yes! The work commenced for 6 weeks steady until the major task of replacing hundreds of square footage of beams, planks, decking and sheathing, until reconstruction was finished.  There is still the finish work, gutters, security fencing and 500 hundred feet of new bulkhead roping to be installed and completed…spring work.  P2120249

A vessel like the Barge building, situated on the waterside, always has and will have maintenance conditions due to the weather. This time however, age took its toll, but only to be corrected for another 50years. 



The Victor D’Amico Institute of Art / The Art Barge is a tax exempt under section 501 (c)  3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Your total contribution is tax deductible to the full extent allowable by law.